What does it mean to be resourceful?

Being resourceful means being aware of how you use resources, then choosing to use them responsibly. It means understanding how energy and water combined make life possible, and how our actions affect the future.

Water and energy depend completely upon each other, coming together in the energy-water nexus. We need water to produce electricity, and energy is required to extract, treat and deliver water. The choices we make to generate energy alter the global and the local climate, which affects the availability of water to cool our generation plants.

At Resourcefulness, our goal is to improve water and energy literacy, encourage conservation, and inspire the next generation of innovators.

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Thirst for Power

In celebration of Earth Week, and to learn more about our planet’s most precious resources, you’re invited to watch a free on-demand screening of the award-winning water and energy documentary Thirst for Power. This event is powered by Itron, Inc. as part of the Resourcefulness initiative, in partnership with Power Over Energy, The University of Texas at Austin, Alpheus Media, and Disco Learning Media.
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Vertical Farming in Japan

April 4, 2024
Despite the modern globalization of food items, which has made access to food seem unlimited to those who reside in large, thriving cities, traditional agriculture is encountering unprecedented hurdles. The systems we have in place today are overwhelmingly unsustainable. Feeding a population of eight billion people incrementally seems like an impossible task. However, taking into account that the world population is set to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, world leaders and agricultural professionals alike will have to work together to make the insurmountable happen. 
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Why Should We Care?

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The World’s Biggest Challenges

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image of Pulgas Water Temple

Water is Life

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Energy, Water, Wealth, and Freedom

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